Live from InsideAR 2014 Munich #augmentedreality Mittwoch 29.10.2014

InsideAR Augmented Reality Messe 2014
Deutsch: ist Live-Medienpartner der InsideAR von Metaio. Wir werden die interessantesten Gäste der Augmented Reality Messe am 29. / 30.10.2014 interviewen und hier einstellen.

English: is live media partner of InsideAR, the biggest fair regarding augmented reality presented by metaio. We will interview the most exciting guests of this fair 29th and 30th October 2014 and you will see them all here:

Interview with Annette Zimmermann from Gartner
Where do we see the wearables market going and how will new devices open new business opportunities. More Info: and

InsideAR Lunchtalk – in Deutsch
Wie 2013 werden wir einen kurzen Live-Talk im mit allen Bloggern, PR-Leuten und Social Media Spezialisten durchführen. Wir wollen von den Teilnehmern wissen: Was sind Eure Eindrücke von der InsideAR-Konferenz? Was begeistert Euch?

Interview with Alissia Iljaitsch from Vectorform
UX Design for Wearables: Case Study BMW INNOVATION LIVE for Google Glass
Vectorform and BMW presenting a first of its kind augmented reality project for large 3-D object recognition on Google Glass. The case study will highlight the challenges for markerless 3-D tracking based on CAD data realized with the Metaio SDK Pro Version 5.3. Vectorform´s Natural User Environment (NUE) concept will be presented as a guide for application development for Wearables like Google Glass and Smartwatches.

AR in facial reconstruction Interview with Kavin Andi #InsideAR
Advances in imaging science, rapid prototyping and software manipulation of radiological datasets have given surgeons the ability to see structures inside the body with more clarity and precision than ever before. Tracking, registration and 3-D technology co-exist in many hospitals but the convergence into a single AR patient focused system has been formally established. I will outline how 3D technologies in isolation are useful to surgeons and why as a combined AR solution they will become essential to healthcare practitioners in all surgical specialties.

Augmented Arts – Ian and David #InsideAR

Augmented Reality Games – Interview mit Evgeni von Toywheel
We start from the scratch downloading the App. Evgeni will show Ludwig how to start his game and what it is all about!

Alles noch real oder schon virtuell? Livebericht von der #InsideAR14 in München
Außenreportage von Hannes Schleeh von der internationalen Augemented Reality-Konferenz in München.

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